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Imagine that you are a highly skilled freelancer but you simply have no clue about SEO. is giving you the opportunity to improve your marketing skills which are crucial for you to succeed as a freelancer.  You will be able to learn about what will enable you to be more creative.


At the website, you will be able to learn about copywriting best practices. You will create compelling and engaging content that contains repeated keywords and phrases.


The below are some tips for integration:


1. Titles

Keywords should appear in the title tag of the page. The great thing about software for blogging is once you post something this will be automatically transformed into both title tags and either an H1 or H2 heading tag as well. Also, do not forget that your headline should wrap your keywords so that headline perfectly communicates what the content has to offer.


2. Introduction - Opening

It is extremely useful to repeat the targeted keywords in the opening sentence, as long as it can be done.


3. Related Words and Synonyms

You should always assume that nowadays there are many advanced search algorithms which can easily found your web page if you have smartly chosen the right keywords.



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