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Starting with Landscaping

When we still have no experience with landscaping, perhaps we can draw inspiration from Even choosing which plants to include in our garden or in our landscape could be a lot of pain in the head.


It could be a little confusing because all plants seem to fit our plot of land but we have to discern well that not all can be a good fit. We need some guides to help us plan for a good landscape and choose the best plants for our garden. It is not good that we just deliberately choose whatever plant we would use. We have to carefully search and earn knowledge about plants for landscaping. It would be not easy because there are times that we would be tempted to compromise.


From the start, the moment we choose trees for our landscape, the challenger already started. However, we do not want to condemn ourselves too much when we make a poor choice of a plant. In the end, we would still be able to make some adjustments even if we would be making poor choices at the start. We will just hope that they would make something beautiful out of the choices that we make. 

© Rhoda McCart.