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MAke Beautiful Memories


In Each wedding, everything will not be perfect without an Auckland wedding photographer. You may be able to plan everything smoothly but if you miss to hire the best photographer in town, you might be missing out of the best wedding that you could possibly have.


You just don't hire and then take pictures everywhere. You plan it. If you want everything to be perfect every single detail is important. From the dresses you will both wear to the setting of your pictorial, everything should be planned very well. One of the important factors is choosing the place where you will take your photos. You can shoot inside a studio but most people prefer to shoot around beautiful architectures. A good backdrop should give you a romantic set up that would be very nice to reminisce once in a while even after years of your wedding day.


Some would choose to shoot among hilly sides of green mountains. Others like to do romantic shots inside beautiful architectural structures. New Zealand has a lot to offer in that case. They have a wide variety of choices from old to modern designs of architectural structures that they can use as backdrops for their wedding photos.


In this world where pre-nup shoot are popular to do as a preparation for the wedding, architectural structures could come in handy whatever the theme of the couple may be. Choose the best theme that you and your other half would be able to reminisce even anniversary after anniversary. 


© Rhoda McCart.