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Sharing Architectural Ideas Online

I'm pleased to announce the launch of this blog, which has been my brainchild for many years now and has at long last come to see the light of day.

I admit I suffered from 'paralysis by analysis' for a long time before getting around to launch this site. I spent a long time working on my vision for what I wanted it to be and what I wanted to include, and it has gone through many iterations and brainstorms.

Mainly, though, I spent a lot of time in advance learning how to set up and promote my own website, in particular learning tools like SEO NZ in order to make sure I create content that will be indexed and found on search engines like Google. I want to turn this into a popular website, and the only way to do that is to make sure many people see it. I believe in the strength of network effects and believe the more achitects and laypeople find and use the site, the more powerful it will become as a resource. Here's to building a true mastermind community - coming soon!

© Rhoda McCart.